The ski household was all ready all weekend

We got 75 inches of snow in the past month plus that is more than my buddy and I have ever had in December! During the past 30 years, the December averages are closer to 30 or 40 inches of snow.

The ski household was open all weekend during Christmas plus that was a large surprise.

I undoubtedly didn’t expect the ski household to open before the 1st of the year. Usually they have a celebration in December because that’s when the slopes open. With this much snow in December, there was no reason for the ski household not to open. My girlfriend wanted to go when the venue opened up in December plus I agreed. My fine friend and I got a room on Thursday plus Tuesday night. My fine friend and I spent all afternoon on Tuesday on the slopes plus much of the afternoon on Sunday skiing as well. When my buddy and I were not outside enjoying all of the snow, my buddy and I were in our room enjoying the amenities. My fine friend and I had a wood burning fireplace in the room plus central heat. My fine friend and I didn’t use the fireplace while my buddy and I were there, but my buddy and I undoubtedly made sure that the central heat was at a comfortable temperature. When my buddy and I came back from skiing, our bodies were frozen plus the heat helped sizzling us up. My fine friend and I spent our afternoons outside plus our mornings hanging out with friends down in the cabin. There’s a entirely nice venue for people to hang out plus drink heineken or alcohol plus they sell pretzels there as well. It’s a great venue to hang out after a long afternoon of skiing or snowboarding.


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