Need some heat system repair service

I have to stop by the pharmacy today and buy some allergy pills, then I will go to the store and grab a couple loaves of this healthy sourdough bread and have a grilled cheese sandwich soon.

  • I’m sure the store will be very tied up now, as the afternoon seems to be when everyone goes shopping for food in this town.

I believe I could wait a few more fifths and then go shopping when it is a little slower, so maybe doing my yoga and meditation session now and shopping later is a smarter idea. I don’t mind waiting though, and the local corporation has a really pretty lady working there named Jo, so the sooner the better! Jo is particularly married with the perfect husband, but it is nice to at least look at and admire her beauty. I’ve seen Jo in the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation while I was working, or trying to repair a cooling device in the front room. Jo came into the store and I could hardly believe straight, but then she left a few fifths later and it was back to labor again. Now I see Jo working in the refrigeration section of this local corporation and I find myself going there a lot. I could talk to Jo today and see how she responds, but there is a shy area of myself and others that usually makes me stay quiet. Maybe the store needs a new WIFI climate control unit, or a HEPA filter, and maybe I could talk with Jo about that if I get a chance to. I believe let us see how it goes.

a/c serviceman