The progression of my being a full Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional was slow

When I was little, I asked my dad if I could work on cooling systems when I got older.

Dad told me he was sure there would be cooling systems when he got old, but they may be different.

I didn’t care what the cooling systems were going to be, as long as I could be an HVAC professional and work with my dad. By the time I turned eighteen, my aspirations hadn’t changed. I still wanted to be an HVAC professional and work with my dad. Now, my dad wasn’t an HVAC professional, but he was the owner of the HVAC business. I told him I wanted to go to HVAC school and join his HVAC business when I was certified. He promised that if I passed all my tests and got my certification, he would be proud to have me as one of his HVAC professionals. Last week, I passed my certification exam, and once I get my certification, dad is going to put me in his apprenticeship program. I could not wait to become a full-fledged HVAC professional and work side-by-side with my dad. Once I got into the program, I still wasn’t working with my dad. Now, I was working with Uncle Tom, and he was my educator. He told me I needed to learn the ropes and in 5 weeks I could work alone. At that point, if I needed help, I could call dad and ask him if he would show me what I was doing wrong. The progression of my being a full HVAC professional was slow, but I’m still working with my dad.


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