Duct sealing is coming up

I’m getting close to my lunch break, and after that, I am going to take an hour’s down, as my gramps used to call it, to recharge my batteries for the rest of the afternoon. It is Sunday and there will be a lot of people around town and at the beach. My buddy and I are going to play our beach songs on the pier around sunset for all of the people that come to our beach. It should be a fun time, and my buddy and I will definitely make a lot of money when people leave tips on the ground near us. The cooling corp is having a celebration next week and they are going to hire us to play in their air conditioned store in the evening for a group of people in town. I feel that is going to be a fun time and I am looking forward to making cool sounding music and entertaining our friends. I never thought I would leave the HVAC tech task to play songs, but life can throw you curveballs that you never thought you would see. I love playing songs and I hope my buddy and I can improve to the point that we are touring around in an RV and doing shows in all parts of the country. This air conditioned and heated RV would be our home on wheels for maybe a year of touring and after that my buddy and I would come back to our hometown here to play for the local businesses and beach bars. I feel it is a great plan and I feel my buddy and I have what it takes to make it happen too.


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