I found a oil heater

So I guess online is what I have to do

I’ve been searching high and low at my local stores, however I just can’t find a boiler in my town. I’m not a fan of ordering things online but it looks like that might be the route I’ll have to go. But before I do that, I’m going to drive a little further out and check out the stores that are two towns away. Well I did and that didn’t go over certainly well. No one has the boiler that I so desperately need. There is no Heating and A/C company around here either. I can’t imagine moving to a smaller town that doesn’t have anything. I get it, big store companies would feel it would be a waste to put something heating and cooling related near our small town. It wouldn’t last or make enough cash to survive. Everyone has to go to the immense city, which I’ll tell you, is about seven hours away. It’s insane that if you have an issue, then you are spending a lot of cash sending out a heating and A/C worker to repair anything that is heating or cooling related. Luckily, I know how to do those repairs, however I know I won’t open a store. It would be a waste of cash but I’ll help out a friend here and there if they need it. So I guess online is what I have to do. I found one for a wonderful deal, however I have to spend cash on shipping. There is constantly something that costs extra, but at least I found a great deal on the heater.


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