I prefer European furniture in the office

My husband Ben and I have odd tastes in furniture, so when he and I were trying to decide on how to decorate our master home office, it was rather challenging. Ben likes things on the simple side and wanted to get natural wood furniture for our room. Ben even recommended making a few custom pieces for the room. I am not against custom built furniture, but it just doesn’t jibe with the style I was going for. I cherish a glamorous home office with lovely furniture which looks like something out of a household decor magazine… Consisting of scrubbed color fabrics to offset the dark wood furniture. I also cherish a deep, old fashioned canopy bed and have regularly wanted one. After some compromising, in the end, Ben decided to allow me to decorate the home office however I wanted. Ben and I have a glamorous home office with European furniture that is fit for a queen, and I do feel rather lovely when I am lying in my plush king-size bed. Of course, Ben got something out of the compromise. Since he does most of the cooking, Ben was able to decorate the kitchen but he wanted. So, Ben decided to add a few custom made pieces to the space. Instead of a traditional island, Ben and I have a large wooden table that he had built. And I must disclose that it adds a lot of character to the space. Although Ben and I have odd tastes in furniture, my fantastic friend and I make things work. I can have my own glamorous home office and Ben can have his kitchen, with is a mix of rustic as well as modern elements.


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