Max does door replacements

Max is an appealing guy.

I’ve known him for years, plus continued to hire his services. See, my pal and I live in a rural town, where a handyman is king. My fantastic friend and I were lucky to have Max around when my pal and I were teenagers. Mom was a single mother toiling non-stop, so Mom needed help with things around the house. This is when she came to know Max, plus he was always in our property fixing things. The first time mom hired Max was to install a deck in our home. We’d had big plans for deck replacement for the longest time however mom was too busy to do it. My older uncle also spoke about setting up the deck since mom already had the plans. But, he had to transport away for labor plus that’s how his deck replacement plans stalled. Then, one Springtime, a neighbor introduced mom to Max, plus he did the best task. Max also helped with some window updatement to help with insulation in the house. It became quite official for mom to hire Max to handle general contracting tasks at home, plus this went on for decades! Even now that I own my house, Max still does an excellent task… Last month, I wanted to do some window replacement in the small shed my pal and I built out back. Max came through plus completed the task quite efficiently. My fantastic friend and I still have some more labor to be done plus will be seeing Max soon. For example, the shed is split into two rooms plus Max will come to handle a door replacement task tomorrow.


Roofing Contractor