The squirrel was trapped in the a/c

I lived in a part of town where the weather was extremely fickle.

There was extreme heat and freezing, which happened to be our summers and winters.

I have to deal with the elements all the time as a heating and A/C worker. I constantly give the people what they want, and what they want is a pleasant climate. I got a call from Sandra the other afternoon, who was pretty sad about her a/c. I showed up at her location promptly and got to work instantly, as I’m constantly determined to fix the problem. While I was starting to work on it, I heard a noise. Seconds later, something small crawled out of the air conditioning machine and began scurrying around the room. It happened to be a squirrel that made its way into the attic and then into the home’s a/c unit. I tried capturing the squirrel, along with Sandra, however it was simply too quick. The squirrel jumped on the furniture and ran from one side of the room to the other side. Her neighbor Marsha, who was waiting in the family room, tried to help after a few minutes as well, however our team tried our best to capture the squirrel. After what seemed forever though, my associate and I finally caught it. Sandra didn’t want anything bad to happen to the squirrel so she let it out multiple feet from the house. I went and finished repairing the a/c and not too long after the air conditioning was working once again with no little furry creatures. I was glad I was able to fix her system and help her capture the squirrel in the process.


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