Relax and fix that radiant heater

I have about 15 more minutes of writing to do and then I am going to take a little break and do my yoga routine. After my yoga is done I am going to study Spanish for an hour before I get back to my work online. I will have about another half hour of work to do after the yoga session and then I have a couple of hours to just chill and reflect. The summer is coming and I want this to be a good one and so I am going to rest my body a bit. HVAC repairs can beat up your back and mine has been hurting a bit, so I am heating it up and cooling it down to help it heal faster. It is getting better and I think within a few days I will be back to good again and ready to play some volleyball by this weekend. I’ll visit my lady Neus at the local business tonight as she works and just hang out with her and chat while enjoying the air conditioning system in her office. Then I will go down the street and grab a burger at the burger joint and go home for a while to play with the cats and wait for Neus to come home. We will eat dinner by the fireplace and play with the cats while we listen to some relaxing jazz on the radio. That is the plan for tonight and then we will hit the hay by 11pm and get a nice good night of sleep.


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