Ready for some cold a/c soon

It is now the 22nd of April and the weather is already getting hot.

I know it will be getting even hotter soon, and there will be many more tourists.

My partner and I will be wishing for the quiet winter time once again after not too long. It gets absolutely crowded here in June and September, and I will escape to the mountains for a while to get some peace and quiet for a month or so. My pal and I have a small property near the mountain about three hours north and are planning on going there when it gets too hot and overcrowded here. Air conditioning and heating are both installed in the cabin, so being comfy while my pal and I are there will be guaranteed, because we have the latest in heating, ventilation and A/C technology in the property. Hopefully, next summer my stocks are back to good again and we will be able to buy that RV so we can do our long tour that we have been planning on doing. But for now, I will focus on my heating, ventilation and A/C technology rep job and just saving money while doing my ductwork sales in the office each morning. I am going to buy more stock in a few weeks and I feel I will have 27,000 shares now, which would be good if the price hits that $10 mark like they are saying it will. The climate control system in the cars that I am holding stock is incredible and I feel it will be a good selling point for the local businesses selling the electric car. I guess we will soon find out.


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