Springtime Temperatures

I absolutely love the springtime where I live.

It is one of my favorite seasons.

I grew up way up north, and the spring season was nothing like it is where I am living now. It was so cold and muddy, and nothing seemed to ever blossom until the very end of May or beginning of June. Here, the flowers start blooming in March! I just love the warmth of the sun in the springtime. It is not too hot like the summer months. Something that is hard to control during the early spring months is the temperature in the house. I tried just turning the heat off completely since it is in the seventies during the day, but my family kept complaining that it got too cold during the night and early morning. So, I turned the heat on one evening before bed, and every single one of my kids came up to me the next morning and said that they had trouble sleeping because they were too hot during the night. I just couldn’t seem to please them. My husband decided to bring up a couple space heaters from the basement and put them in the kid’s rooms so that they could turn them on and off when they wanted to. The space heaters seemed to have worked because they have not complained to me since my husband brought them the heaters. Now, I sort of wish we had one for our room, but as long as the kids are comfortable, I am happy. Hopefully, the heaters will continue to suffice until the real heat hits us.
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