Our propane fireplace was smoking up the house

Having children is a huge blessing, and I would not trade being a mom for the world.

With that said, it is definitely the most challenging thing that I have ever done as well.

I love to see their smiling faces each morning, and spending the day with them is absolutely the best thing ever. I am so glad that I am able to stay home and work while my children are young. I plan to go back to work once they start attending school, but for now, I am enjoying every second of being a stay at home mom. Well, I enjoy almost every second. Sometimes, they do things that make my life quite difficult. Three days ago, I noticed a funny smell in the house. I was in the kitchen making lunch, and it smelled like something was burning or melting in the living room. I immediately ran in there to see what it was. There was a ton of smoke coming from our propane fireplace. I turned it off as quickly as I could, but black soot was everywhere. I am so glad that both of my kids were napping upstairs at the time. I could not figure out why the fireplace was smoking so badly though. I called my husband as soon as he got out of work and asked him about it. When he got home, he looked over the fireplace for a few minutes before finding one of the kids’ toys in there. We still to this day have no idea how they got a toy in there because the fireplace is guarded by a metal cage that would not allow them to put anything in there. I love my children, but they sure do find ways to make life interesting sometimes.
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