Our cabin had a fireplace and a heating system

I was getting a little annoyed with my boyfriend.

We’d been together for some time and it’s like he’s been getting comfortable.

I can’t remember the last time we did anything fun together. And I’ve also been feeling so run down because of work. We both have demanding jobs and barely have time to unwind. So, you can only imagine the last time we did something fun as a couple. I think my boyfriend felt my apprehension because last month he surprised me with a short trip. Since there was an upcoming holiday weekend, he had found this lovely cabin for us to enjoy. We packed and left on a Friday evening hoping to get there before it got too dark. I must say I loved everything about this cabin including the remote ambience. The rental agent assured us it had a reliable heating system to keep us warm. It’s late fall and the snow is yet to come. But, evenings are getting chilly so we find ourselves turning on the heating system to stay warm. My boyfriend was surprised to find the heating system running when we went inside. It seemed the agent wanted us to feel warm when we arrived since it was already late in the evening. I also loved that the cabin had a humidifier to combat any dry air. Winters are amazing and make the landscape look so magical. However, since we have to heat the house for a better part of the day, one major issue we face is dry air. A humidifier is a good solution which also ensures we don’t face issues like dry skin and itchy eyes.

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