The HVAC specialist couldn’t fix the temperature control

The office building had a genuinely temperamental HVAC system. The temperature control seemed to have a mind of its own and would switch from hot to chilly and back again without any warning or reason. The employees of the office building, who were used to the unpredictable temperature changes, had grown exhausted of the constant discomfort and decided to take matters into their own hands. They formed a committee to address the HVAC complications and came up with a program to repair the temperature control once and for all. They hired an HVAC specialist to come in and take a look at the system. The specialist tinkered with the temperature control for a few hours, adjusted some settings and declared that the problem was fixed. But as soon as the specialist left, the temperature control started acting up again. The temperature in the building began to fluctuate wildly, and the employees found themselves covered in sweat one hour and shivering the next, and frustrated and fed up, the employees called the HVAC specialist back and demanded that he repair the temperature control for good. The specialist scratched his head, unsure of what to do, then just then, one of the employees had a brilliant idea. She proposed that they try talking to the temperature control like it was a person, hoping to appeal to its fickle nature, and so, the employees began to address the temperature control in soothing tones, saying things like “Hey there, little guy, we think you’re doing your best” and “We appreciate all the hard work you do, but we genuinely need you to stay at a consistent temperature.” To their amazement, the temperature control seemed to respond to their kind words. It stopped fluctuating and settled on a comfortable temperature that stayed consistent throughout the day.

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