Leave it to the Heating and A/C pros next time

When the local Heating and A/C supplier told us that our heat pump was on its last lap, I went straight into “how to save money” mode.

This is what I do these afternoons in order to get around all the sky-high costs I seem to get whacked with from maintenance companies.

I hate the idea that I have overpaid for services so often. It starts out as 1 price that seems adequate. Then, you get the final bill and there are all these additional charges that weren’t part of the original discussion. So when the local Heating and A/C professional told me it was time to replace the Heating and A/C equipment, I got to work figuring that I’d just get myself online and start figuring out what our next residential Heating and A/C could be. I mean, how difficult could that be? It took less than half an hour for me to realize that I was totally and completely out of my depth when it came to finding Heating and A/C devices to replace the ancient heat pump. My wifey cut me some slack but I think she already had the Heating and A/C supplier on speed dial. I relented about meeting with the Heating and A/C supplier and I’m sure thrilled that I did. Not only was she an absolute expert when it came to all things heating and cooling, the woman really listened to us as well. My wife and I had some identifiable heating and cooling needs that my pal and I really wanted to address with this Heating and A/C replacement. I’m so thrilled I just let the Heating and A/C pros take care of the whole thing. It was a delight to rest back and let the people who know heating and cooling take care of all the fine details. And the price was just as my wife and I had agreed to while in our initial meeting. Wow, that was refreshing as well.

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