How long is the life of a sofa?

I’ve had my 2 sofas for almost 12 years now, and I really cherish them both… They’re dark brown, partial leather sofas that are lovely as well as being so very comfortable; I also own a nice oversized leather chair that is my number one piece of furniture in my house.

The big oversized leather chair wasn’t originally part of the sofa set, but it matched everything so nicely that I decided that I had to have it as well, then at the time I bought the home office sofas and the chair, I was at the beginning of my job.

In fact, aside from my car, the sofas and the chair were the first major purchase that I made in my life after I was on the road to financial prosperity… Well, over the past 10 or so years, the oversized leather chair has truly lost its luster. Alas, I used it so much that the leather has cracks in it! Over the years, I tried to service the sofa myself by using leather service products that I found online. Just a small number of them worked a bit, but most of them were a disaster. I should’ve called a reupholstering service and had them perform the work, however, I didn’t do that, and now the chair is beyond repair. This means I will need to get rid of it soon, but fortunately, both of my sofas are still in wonderful condition. There is little wear and tear, and the leather portions have no cracks or signs of rapid deterioration. Typically, sofas last for 7 to 20 years and with fantastic care, I believe I will have both of my sofas for another 10 years. I just hope that I can find another oversized leather chair that matches the sofas.
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