Making plans for the winter in our house with a fireplace

Well, I survived the games last night and am hanging in there this week as I start my workday.

My elbow is pretty sore though, so I don’t feel I will be able to train the girl this week like I usually do.

My pal and I are playing songs tonight so I want to save my body for that, instead of playing volleyball this week and hurting my elbow to the point where I can’t play drums later. I have an elbow wrap that I will use tonight when we play on the pier around sunset and it should be alright once it heats up with hot gel rub. This one club has a fireplace for when the sun goes down and we are going to talk to the owner about doing shows in the future. My pal and I are also getting a bunch of really cool-looking business cards made, and we will hit a ton of clubs and tell them about us while handing them our cool cards; this way, they can listen to our songs online to see if it is a fit. I feel if we hit 100 local businesses, at least ten percent will have us do shows in their climate controlled locales during the summer. As far as the winter time goes, we are going to target a bunch of places up in the mountains to do shows for the skiers, which would be awesome, because my pal and I could ski in the morning, relax in the Jacuzzi in the afternoons, and do shows at night. They have great boilers in most of these clubs and some of them even have a nice fireplace.


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