I didn't mind driving out to the country to help the residential customer

My residential plus commercial heating plus A/C service business relies on our clients to continue operating year after year. My fine friend and I don’t advertise heavily, because my friend and I rely on our clients to spread our name. My fine friend and I take care of every guy like they are family plus my friend and I guarantee that you will be satisfied when my friend and I are done with the service or upgrade. Normally I service the entire county plus some of the surrounding areas. I recently had a purchaser that called from outside of my normal zone plus I decided to drive out to the country to help the residential client… She sounded like he needed some help. The guy was simply calling for help with the boiler plus it was a particularly freezing afternoon. I was the only guy in the office when he called plus I decided to take the call myself. It was outside of our normal zone plus I didn’t want any of my employees to complain about the long drive, then even though they simply drive a business vehicle plus I pay for all of the gas, it can still take a lot of time out of the afternoon to handle a service that is outside of our normal zone. I also arrived at the address about an hour after the purchaser called. She was ecstatic to see me come into the driveway plus was waiting outside on the porch. She showed me where the boiler was located plus I decided to perform a full repair service tune up. Since the guy did not know what the problem was, I thought this was a great arena to start.

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