Heating Our Camper

My family and I absolutely love to go camping.

I never really went camping growing up because my parents were older and did not enjoy camping very much. I can remember going once with my best friend’s family, and we had so much fun! Now that I married and have my own family, I try to make sure we go camping at least once a year. We have a fifth wheel camper that we like to camp in which many people say is not really camping, but when you have babies, it is just not practical to go tent camping. We always camp during the summer season, but it honestly still gets pretty chilly at night where we live, so we have to turn on some source of heat during the nighttime. Our camper’s furnace actually went out on us last year, and we decided to just use two of our little, electric heaters from home to heat the camper instead of buying a new furnace for it. Getting a new furnace honestly would not have been that expensive, but since we only camp three weeks out of the year at most, we decided to save the money and just use the electric heaters that we already had. The two little heaters seem to keep the camper relatively warm throughout the night. The only complaint that I have about it is that we can only pull thirty amps in our camper, so when the little, electric heaters are on, we can’t even use the microwave or our electric kettle. It’s sort of a pain, but the electric heaters are easy to turn on and off if we have to use something electric at night time.


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