Keeping My Apartment Warm

We ended up buying one, and it has honestly done a lot.

I never thought that I would be living in an apartment, but here I am. My dream was to go to college and then get married and buy a house. Unfortunately, I have not met my special someone yet, and I have been done with college for almost three years. I have a lot of friends though, so it’s not really that bad. One of my other single friends and I decided to start renting an apartment together. We did not want to stay with our parents and longer, and saving money by renting together seemed like a good idea. So far, we have loved it! The only issue that we have had is keeping our apartment warm during the winter months. For some reason no matter how high we set the thermostat, the apartment never seems to get very warm, and my friend and I freeze. One of my co-workers suggested we get an indoor-safe propane heater to supplement some heat. We ended up buying one, and it has honestly done a lot. Now, most of our apartment stays warm enough for us to be comfortable. The only room that the propane heater does not get to is the bathroom, so we are thinking about buying a little electric heater to put in there to keep the bathroom warm as well. But for now, we are just super thankful to have a warm apartment for the most part. Both of us have gotten better night’s sleep ever since we got the propane heater, and that is the biggest blessing of all!


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