No AC in My Old Mini Van

I love taking road trips with friends, but it is not often anymore that I get to go because I have four kids to look after. Before I had kids, I would go on spur of the moment road trips almost every month with my friends, and it was a blast. Now, it takes quite a bit more planning to go road tripping with my friends. For my birthday this year, my husband planned a road trip with my friends without me knowing and also found a babysitter for the kids. I was so surprised and excited. We ended up having to take our old, fifteen passenger van on the trip because it was the only vehicle big enough for all of our stuff. I was happy to drive our van, but little did I know that the air conditioning had gone out in the van. I had just driven the van the week before, and the air conditioning had worked great, but apparently, one of our lines had a leak, so we had no air conditioning the entire road trip. I felt so bad for all of my friends having to endure the heat in the van for eight hours plus. They were all very sweet about it though, and not even once did any of them complain. I was the only one who complained about being hot. When we finally arrived at our destination, we walked into our air conditioned hotel rooms and just soaked it in for a good hour and a half before trying to go out in the hot van again. Overall, we had a blast, but I will definitely be making sure we have air conditioning in any vehicles we may be taking in the future.


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