Living in the north means you need to have a good furnace

My husband and I both grew up in the north, but when we were first married, we decided to move south.

  • We stayed down there for three years, but we just had to move back.

We could not stand the heat. We thought that we would get used to it, but it did not happen. We dreaded the summer months, and we missed the snow in the winter. It was not what we were expecting anyway. We did not like our jobs, and there was nothing really keeping us down there. I was so happy when we decided to move back up north. One thing that we did not think about much when we lived down south was our furnace. We only turned the heat on a few times. It just never got very cold. It was a little chilly sometimes, but we just lived through it because we did not want to have to pay a higher gas bill. After moving back up north, we did not even think to get our furnace serviced before winter hit, and that was a huge mistake. About one month into the winter season, we started noticing that the house was not quite as warm as it should have been. I checked the thermostat several times, and it was set to seventy-two degrees like usual, but the house was only about sixty-two degrees. Again, we just lived with it for awhile. One morning we woke up to a freezing cold house, and we knew that we needed to do something about our furnace. We ended up calling and HVAC company, and they had it fixed within a few hours. I wish that we would have had it fixed sooner, but it’s all good now.


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