WIFI and your heating and cooling

The world is changing so fast it is hard to keep up with it all periodically.

I periodically wish I could just go back to the nice old days, but I know that isn’t possible in today’s world & that I just need to roll with the variations.

I used to just have a small fan to keep me cool, however now I have a complex system that takes a lot of learning to know how to use it officially. I used to have one of those old dial units to control the temp in the house, however now it is a Wi-Fi type unit. A Wi-Fi temperature control is a smart temperature control that can be controlled remotely through a wireless network. Here are some of the benefits of having a Wi-Fi temperature control in your dwelling or office: Convenience: With a Wi-Fi temperature control, you can control the temperature of your dwelling or office from somewhere using your smartphone, tablet, or iPad. This means you can adjust the temperature even when you’re not at dwelling or office, making it easier to maintain a comfortable environment, but energy savings: Wi-Fi temperature controls offer features that help reduce energy consumption & save you money on energy bills. For example, some models have sensors that detect when you leave the room or the house, & adjust the temperature accordingly. Others can learn your heating & cooling patterns over time, & automatically adjust the temperature to meet your needs, without wasting energy. Easy to use: Wi-Fi temperature controls are user-friendly & simple to operate. A bit more to follow on this topic soon.

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