Crazy town with local businesses packed

How I survived last night is beyond me.

It was the big night for Carnaval in my town and the place was bustling with people. It was so crowded at one point that I couldn’t get from the beach back to my place, which is only normally a five minute walk through the small downtown area. There was a parade going up and down all of the streets and the whole thing was blocked off, so there was literally no way to get home. We ended up going into a restaurant and eating a pizza while the parade continued. Local businesses were all slammed except this place, which was a really nice Italian place with good air conditioning and a great HVAC system overall. We got two beers and shared a pizza and it only cost us $20, well actually 20 euros, but I don’t have the euro key on my keyboard. After we ate, my bandmate ran to the train and I went home and collapsed. I have to work today at the heating and cooling dealership for a while and then I am going with my HVAC rep buddy to look at a commercial ductwork job we have to do next week. There will still be a lot of people here but then in two more days there won’t be a soul on the streets. It should be busy at the HVAC business for the next two days with the sale we are having on our HEPA filters and smart thermostats. Other than that the town will shut down this week.



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