Are you sure you adjusted the temperature control?

I hadn’t been on vacation for almost five years, and I was finally going to get away; My best friend and I booked a cruise that traveled the Mississippi River! The night before my buddy and I were to leave for the cruise, Molly stayed with me.

I recently had a current temperature control installed in the house.

The Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman sold me on a smart temperature control, and said I could check the Heating and Air Conditioning system from anywhere in the world, as long as I had a iphone signal and internet. We were walking up the gangplank that led into the ship when I abruptly thought about the Heating and Air Conditioning system. My friend looked at me and asked if I had adjusted the temperature control before my buddy and I left; She must have study my mind because it was the exact I had. I couldn’t remember changing the temperature control, and all I could think was how the air conditioning would be running when it wasn’t needed, however once my buddy and I got on board and found our lodge, I picked up the iphone to call my sister. I was going to ask her if she would go to my house and check the temperature control; As soon as I opened the iphone, I started to laugh. My friend thought I was crazy and asked what was going on. I showed her my apps on the iphone and asked if she anything there that would make me laugh. She pointed to the app that I could use to check on my current smart temperature control, and laughed with me. I took care of the temperature on the temperature control, turned it up to eighty, and turned the iphone off until my buddy and I got back to the room later that night.
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