Hot, humid temps keep me at rest

I absolutely hate the sizzling plus humid uneven temperatures plus I care about to stay home when the weather is gross plus sticky, however i have lived down south all of my life.

I have never even seen real snow.

I am accustomed to feeling uneven temperatures that are 60 or 75° during the winter time months. It’s great to have warm, sunny afternoons when pretty much everyone else is experiencing rain, wind, snow, plus ice, however unluckyly, there is a downside. When it’s 60 or 75° during the winter, you know it’s going to be 100° or higher during the summer; The heat would not be bad if it was not for the humidity. The humidity is bad plus that’s absolutely what keeps me at home the most, however as soon as I walk outside, I feel the humidity attacking my skin. I am always moist plus wet. I don’t have to worry about hydrating my skin with extravagant oils or lotions, because the weather does it for me, however my friends wanted to go out to the beach yesterday plus I decided to stay home. It turned out to be 102° that afternoon plus 98% humidity. All of my friends got a sunburn, but I was perfectly glad plus comfortable at home in front of the A/C. When they got back from the beach, they were angry but I was cool plus comfortable. I went to the club later that night plus hung out with some friends while they stayed inside plus nursed their sunburns. If you ask me, I suppose it was a much better idea to stay home during the afternoon plus go out at night.

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