A life of fun on the road, thanks to energy saving tips

I have chased fun for over fifty years now, so I will keep doing so till I can’t chase any longer. I have tried to do numerous other things, it almost feels like I have lived a few lives. At the age of 38 I opted to throw my life a giant curveball as well as leave the normal working world for a job in the performing arts. I am quite delighted that I decided to walk on that comedy venue 18 years ago because it has enriched my life in so numerous ways that I can’t begin to explain. I am a Heating as well as A/C pro overseas during the daytime doing temperature control repairs, as well as in the evening I play drums as well as sing in a band. My friend Zed and I have recorded about 18 songs so far as well as by the end of this year we hope to make numerous more songs as well as be touring as a professional band. Zed and I have an air conditioned RV, along with an easily nice gas furnace, as well as the multiple of us are going to hit the road next year as well as tour the countryside doing shows all over the locale. Zed and I are doing some more labor 1st though so that we have a bunch of songs at our disposal when we perform… Hot water boiler repairs are something I was doing a lot of, however now I will trade in that Heating as well as A/C labor for more paid gigs on the road. But we won’t do this for another 9 months, that is when we feel that Zed and I will have enough songs to do shows in clubs for some nice pay. I hope these dreams come true!

a/c worker