Five heating and cooling blogs left to do

I can collect a thousand bucks a month by retiring at age 62 or if I wait till I’m 70 then I would get two thousands bucks a month.

  • What would you do if you were approaching 62 years old? I believe a thousand is not a lot of money each month, but with free healthcare and living overseas where it is cheaper, that thousand can go a lot further, and if I wait till I am 70, if I even live that long, possibilities are that SS benefits won’t even be around anymore.

I also get a small pension from the local business I worked for over the past 20 years doing heating and cooling repairs and service. I really believe sorry for young people just entering the workforce now, because it seems that most likely they won’t get any retirement benefits at all when they hit 65ish. Maybe running your own local HVAC corporation would help because you could keep running it after retiring by having another local Heating and Air Conditioning expert run the corporation for you so you have some residual income. My dad made a ton of money so I will also get some from that estate, so I am not really upset about how I will survive when I am an old timer. I believe my dad’s Heating and Air Conditioning corporation was worth many million bucks when he passed away, which is mainly from selling new Heating and Air Conditioning systems and smart HVAC control units for so many years. I’m fortunate that he made money because chasing my dream of being a singer is not going to make myself and others a rich person, at least in dollars.


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