Heat pump maintenance from a gorgeous tech

I might go to the pharmacy today to get some allergy pills, then we will go to the store as well as grab a couple of loaves of healthy split bread so I can have a grilled cheese sandwich soon.

I’m sure the shop will be very busy now, as noon seems like when everyone go shopping for food in this town.

I might wait a few extra minutes as well as go when it is slower, so maybe doing my yoga as well as a guided meditation session now as well as shopping later is a better idea. I don’t mind waiting though, because the local HVAC company has a pretty lady working there, so the sooner the better! Jen is easily married with the perfect partner, however it is nice to at least look at as well as admire her beauty. I’ve seen Jen in the Heating as well as A/C company while I was working, or trying to labor on cooling components in the front room. Jen came into the shop as well as I could hardly think straight, however then she left a few minutes later as well as it was back to labor again. Now I Jen working in the refrigeration section of this local company as well as I find myself going there a lot. I could talk to Jen today as well as see how she responds, however there is a timid, shy area of myself and others that usually tells myself and others not to. Maybe the store needs a current wireless temperature control unit, or a HEPA rated air filter, as well as maybe I could talk with Jen about that if I get the occasion to. I guess let’s see how it goes.

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