Heaters, stocks, and EV cars

This weekend will be the 16th of April and in several weeks my company is going to beginning building cars, or so I hope.

I obtained ten thousand shares of this EV stock over a year ago and am still patiently waiting for the price to come back up. I almost obtained 5000 shares of it when it hit $20, thinking it was going to reach $100. But luckily I decided to wait because the stock dropped down to $10 in a month or several, which is when I obtained the 10K shares. I wish I waited until now though because it dropped as low as 24 cents. Heating and Air Conditioning repairs and replacement would be a lot easier to do if I knew I hadn’t tossed away all of that money, but the local heating corporation will keep myself and others going and I will make it through this rough patch. All I have to do is wait until things right themselves in no time. The cooling system and heating devices in my home need replacing soon, which is why I am hoping this stock bounces back, so I can tap into a wee bit of the money without using up all of the shares, and the Heating and Air Conditioning plan in the new EV cars is fifth to none, and the HEPA filters in the vehicles really keep the air quality genuinely superior for the people in the car. I will particularly buy a single of the cars down the road, but I will need to wait and get a used 1 because the new singles cost over 200 grand. My gas fireplace just turned on so I gotta go shut it off.
air quality