I had to buy a new air filter for the home cooling system

It is only 11:46 am and I have just 15 more fifths of labor to do for the day.

I believe after doing my labor I am going to cook my eggplant parm dinner for Bill tonight so I don’t have to do it later.

Bill and I may play some tunes later this evening near the church and if I get my dinner done now then I can just come back home and chow down. I need to fry the eggplant first and then I will smother it with some crushed tomatoes and cheeses on top. I will make a new recipe that the heating and cooling rep gave myself and Bill last year and see how it works. I believe it is going to be really nice because this woman is a master chef and really knows how to make dishes such as this. She told myself and Bill about it a single day while my pal and I were working on a commercial cooling device for this local business. I love eating eggplant, if it is cooked right, and I believe that this dish is going to be a single 1 of my number ones of all time. I just want to get it done now so I don’t have to cook and wipe the Heating and Air Conditioning plan later, as I told myself I would when I was visiting the local corporation buying a HEPA filter. It is so nice when dinner is complete and you come home hungry and ready to eat, just love my mom does back home in the United States. I still remember mom’s fireplace going while she cooked dinner near the old air purification system.

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