The fireplace may need help

I am ready for my peaches and cream lunch soon, which will be immediately followed by a frosty dip in the sea to wake up my mind and body abruptly.

I don’t like to drink a lot of coffee, so taking these swims is a perfect supplement to that as well as it is the natural way to charge up the mind as well as the body for the rest of the day.

I am trying to decide if I want to take a trip with my friends to this mountaintop lodge, however that all depends on how numerous people are going up there. My friend Max and I will play some gigs in heated clubs, as well as hopefully can find a few with a nice heater or fireplace to keep us hot while we play our music. Max and I made a flock of current songs lately, however we are going to try as well as push ahead as well as do a whole bunch more over the next couple of months. I think my heating as well as cooling boss is going to be closed for multiple weeks for some Heating as well as A/C tech training, so maybe going to the mountaintop soon would be a nice plan for me, and i like taking road trips although I don’t want to stay in a tiny flat in the mountains with 10 other people. My Heating as well as A/C rep buddies as well as my bandmates are younger than I am as well as they like to have a ton of people in the heated flat unlike me. I prefer my alone time as well as would rather just stay there with a couple of close friends as well as not a whole busload like we did last time, but okay, I’m off to find some natural temperature controls.


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