Time for temperature control in the cabin

It looks like Kim and I are headed up to the mountain lodge for round multiple of our get together.

We have a fun group of local singers as well as musicians going, as well as we will do some gigs up there at a few resorts for fun.

Kim and I don’t have plans as to where we will perform, however we will just bring our instruments and gear up there as well as make things happen. Kim and I can go around in the day to speak to some of the clubs as well as lodges as well as see if we can get in one of the evenings to show off our stuff. Heating with a furnace or fireplace is a prerequisite to doing a live show in a locale as it is easily frosty up there still, as well as it will be frosty up there for another month or 3. It is still ski season there as well as a lot of the locales will be packed with tourists, skiers as well as partiers, which is a superb crowd for our high energy fun shows. Kim and I have a fireplace in our lodge as well as also a couple space heaters, so staying hot while up there will not be a problem. I just want to make sure we can do like multiple or 5 shows during the 10 afternoons that we will be up there so we can have some fun as well as maybe make a little cash in the process. I will do my Heating as well as A/C technology labor online while I am staying there as well as maybe even get around to cleaning the ducts in the lodge if I am so inclined. See you all later!

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