I thought our new HVAC system would change our lives.

We were having a lot of trouble in our marriage, and I was thinking it could be because of the HVAC system. We hadn’t had zone control in the house, and I knew I was being unreasonable about changing the thermostat all the time. I was going through menopause and couldn’t decide if I was going to spontaneously combust, or if I was going to freeze to death. It was driving me crazy, and my husband was getting irritated. We talked about having zone control installed in the house. My husband said if we going to make any changes, we may as well invest in the new HVAC system we had been talking about for the last two years. I was hoping if we got a new HVAC system and installed zone control, it would change our lives. I only hoped it wasn’t too late. It took two weeks to get the new HVAC system delivered, and it only took two days to install the furnace and the air conditioning unit. The HVAC technician installed zone control and put thermostats in every room. I was able to go to another room, turn the thermostat down low, and cool off whenever I had a heat flash. When I was comfortable, I could go back into the living room and watch television with my husband. I couldn’t believe how much calmer my husband was, and how much less arguing there was. The new HVAC system and zone control was making a big difference in our lives. Hopefully menopause won’t last as long for me as it did for my mom.

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