I know roofing concerns should be handled by roofing experts

Last year, my neighbor had some loose shingles on his roof and instead of calling in a roofing professional, he decided to repair the shingles himself.

  • I am no roofing specialist, in fact, I am not handy at all, however in my head, if I discovered that my roof needed to be patched, I would contact a roofing expert, and personally, I would want a roofing expert to conduct a correct inspection of my roof to make sure there wasn’t any structural harm present.

Perhaps my neighbor knew what he was doing, but I wouldn’t have taken the risk of patching a roof on my own, then and who knows how long that patch would last for, it could be that he needs a whole new roof! Especially if the shingles are lifting or curling in more than one stadium. Roofing repairs is not a cheap expense, so I understand why my neighbor would want to skip the professionals and do it himself, and not to mention that the insurance companies do not cover roofing harms that are caused from normal wear and tear. Also, the insurance company doesn’t cover older roofs! So, if your roof is 20+ years old, options are, you will need to pay for the roofing installation on your own, and thankfully, my roof seems like it’s still intact with no apparent harms, however if I do see something with my shingles, I would opt to call a licensed roofing professional instead of trying to do a quick fix, however contacting a roofing company might end up saving more currency in the long run.


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