Get that Heating & A/C maintenance done now

This year, I got the air conditioner tune up completed in May

I’m actually ahead of the game this year. And I feel I understand now why people get prepared for Summer early, not only does it feel superb to be prepared however I love the fact that I’m not scrambling to get the air conditioner tune up done. This is normally the full extent of my Summer preparations. I wait until it’s just about Summer before calling the Heating & A/C corporation. Of course, that’s sort of stupid because this generally means that I have to hope & pray they can get to me before I have to flip the temperature control over to cooling & leave it. Up to now, we generally just do spot cooling through the Springtime. That’s so we can acclimate to the heat & humidity. When your body is more accustomed to higher temperatures, it’s easier to reduce the air conditioner demand. And believe me, a temperature control left undiagnosed can end up getting genuinely costly, genuinely quick. I learned this the strenuous way when I got transferred down here, however don’t get me wrong, I’d much adore a four month scorcher over a five month winter time & all those heating bills. I’ve been there & was happy to trade my gas boiler for a heat pump for the rest of my life. I won’t be going back to the cold. Instead, I actually am getting better a living in this climate & doing what I need to do. This year, I got the air conditioner tune up completed in May. And I have also completed the prep on our home to keep it as slim as possible which maximizes the efficiency of the heat pump, then yet, there are plenty of folks out there who are still waiting to get the Heating & A/C maintenance done.