Guest condo getting the ductless heat pump treatment

We are finally going to use the guest condo for it’s purpose.

When my associate and I purchased this venue, my wifey plus I were so satisfied to have a guest cottage come with the property.

This entire dwelling was old, worn out plus run down. So my associate and I had to renovate the entire thing. From HVAC component to flooring to dining room appliances plus everything in between, my associate and I had to replace it. Actually, as I understand it, the venue sat empty of almost 20 years, however my friend and I even had to rip out the old HVAC duct it was that old plus useless. But in its venue, my associate and I had the HVAC professionals install just the best in residential HVAC. It’s truly awesome the job the local HVAC business did. But all those renovations took time. Thankfully, the in laws didn’t want to fly in Summer of ‘21 as the pandemic was still raging. And last year, my associate and I purchased them a cruise of a lifetime that was nearly four months long. But this Summer, we’ll have our apartment plus the guest cottage ready for my wifey’s folks. They’ll particularly come out to spend the full Summer with us, but our youngsters are now in prime Grandparents age plus both they plus the folks should have a great Summer. Actually, the in laws will appreciate just amazing air conditioning this Summer thanks to the ductless heat pump also installed by the local HVAC dealer. When the HVAC corporation first showed me the ductless heat pump, I thought no way that’s even as good as a window a/c. Well let me tell you, I sure was wrong about that.



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