On clear days, I open my windows and skip the air conditioning

The weather has been beyond lovely this Spring! In fact, there have been a few days where I opened my door and windows to allow some fresh air inside my home.

I was grateful for those days because I was able to give my air conditioning a break, and to be honest, I thought by now, I would be running my air conditioning non-stop, and but to my surprise, that has not been the case. Believe it or not, there were some days in February that were hotter than it is right now, and I legitimately used my air conditioning more in February than I ever did for that time of year; So, I assumed that my fantastic friend and I would be getting an early Summer because my fantastic friend and I barely had a Winter. But don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining because the nicer the days, the less I use my air conditioning. And of course, this means that I will be saving currency on my energy bill, however every little bit counts as the air conditioning is the unit that consumes the most energy in my home. In fact, the Heating and Air Conditioning unit accounts for almost 50% of consumption in most residential homes. I recently learned that info from an SMS that I got from my power dealer that provided a breakdown of how I consumed energy on a monthly basis. The same SMS also provided energy saving tips. And one of those tips was to open windows and doors on nicer days. It was one of the easiest tips that was on the list, and it didn’t create any extra strife. And though I have not seen a big change in my energy bill, I am hoping that with consistency, I will soon see the rewards. I just hope my fantastic friend and I keep getting nice weather.