My child had a mobile stand plus a portable dining room.

My child plus her wife wanted to try something peculiar last summer, they had been doing the competition BBQ route every year, plus had a lot of fun, but they wanted to turn it into a business, and instead of doing the competition route, they wanted to try the food truck route.

They purchased a mobile BBQ they could pull behind their portable dining room, plus got all the licenses they needed to stop at peculiar areas every day, plus sell their BBQ… My child thought they were going to go bust, but she didn’t realize what a following she had… Her first day on the food truck route, there were people waiting for him to park plus set up.

They had seen plus tasted her food at the BBQ cook-off competitions, plus they were eager to get it now, however one girl admired her mobile BBQ grill plus portable dining room plus asked if she needed help. Her wife wanted to get back to her correct job, plus when the girl said she would work for BBQ, my child told him she had a job. It was three weeks into her food truck route that she found out her cook was homeless. She was taking food every evening, so her wife plus kids had food to eat. She is now renting rooms in her home out to her employee, plus their portable dining room is being used every day, while the mobile BBQ is laboring day plus evening. She is making more cash than she ever had when laboring a full-time job, plus her employee plus now friend, is no longer homeless.


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