Clean that cooling system soon

It is 12:30pm now and I still have over four hours to get my work done before I have to train on the beach. Soon I will put on my podcast to learn the language while I do my yoga routine for an hour. I like to listen to the Spanish podcast while I do my yoga because it really helps me learn the language when I listen to it each day like this. I should be speaking fluent Spanish within about six months I figure, as long as I stick to my daily plan of listening. Heating and cooling equipment work will be on the slate this week as I help my HVAC rep buddy with some work for the company. I like working with the rep because we work well together and get to chat about life and things like that while doing the work. We met years ago at the heating corp and have been friends ever since. We work together each week for a few hours and I always look forward to our time together as we have a really good connection and can talk for hours while working. We will be doing a big commercial air conditioning system job this coming week and I think we are going to be working with a few other cooling experts as this is a big job and is going to require many hands to get the work done. There is a lot of lifting too so I am trying to rest my back for the next couple of days.

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