The commercial repair request took me all day to complete

I like the way that the laundry soap and fabric softener smells

I had to work on Wednesday morning and I knew it was going to be one hell of a day. I saw the schedule on Tuesday night and there were 17 commercial and residential jobs scheduled on a day when 10 or 12 is the normal number. I was in the shop in the morning when one of our commercial HVAC customers called with a repair request. I knew the commercial customer very well. The lady was upset because half of the dryers in her laundromat were not working. It seemed like a problem with the gas and I knew that we could help. The commercial HVAC customer is one of our best, because she owns a huge laundromat and has more than 2,000 ft of building space. I thought that the commercial HVAC repair request might be something simple, but the commercial repair took me all day to complete. There were several problems with the gas lines. It seemed like they all decided to crack at the same time. I had to order parts and materials that did not arrive until 2:00 in the afternoon and that’s when I actually started with the repair. All morning I helped out with other repairs and then I got stuck working all day on the HVAC commercial customer. I didn’t mind working at the laundromat. I like the way that the laundry soap and fabric softener smells. It’s a nostalgic smell from my childhood that I can’t seem to forget. Fresh linen, flowers, and lavender make me think of my mom.

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