The boiler issue

I have a unquestionably old warm water boiler in my basement that takes care of all of my heating, and recently I had a major issue with it, but this was totally predictable to be completely legitimate because it is so old, but the boiler had a leak that was starting to cause a major flood in my basement! So I called the local heating, ventilation plus A/C system business to send out a certified heating and cooling specialist to come out and repair the warm water boiler, which they did, but however while the heating and cooling specialist from the local heating, ventilation plus A/C system business was here they told me that it would be in my best interest if I went and invested in a new form of heating or get a brand new warm water boiler that is more up-to-date and beginning over… My warm water boiler is roughly 35 years old, so it is about time it was on its last leg.

The thing is I can not afford to invest in a new warm water boiler at this unquestionably moment in time.

However, if it ends up getting too risky I will invest in one this coming Summer before next year’s freezing winter season months arrive. That would be the most probable wise thing to do in this situation! I do not want to switch over to central heating because it cost way too much money to run with as freezing as it gets here in the part in which I happen to live in.

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