The cabin sitter was reckless with the air conditioning system

They were completely reckless with my heating plus cooling machine

For a week or so, I knew I would have to leave my dwelling alone. I wanted to have a housesitter though, because not only do I have pets that needed to be taken care of, despite the fact that I also didn’t live in the best neighborhood, plus so I felt a lot more comfortable with the idea of someone living at my site temporarily to guard it. A buddy of mine was ok with staying over, plus before I left on a Monday night, I handed him the keys. I fully trusted my buddy to take good care of my dwelling plus my pets while I was away. When I came back, all seemed to be well, plus I thanked my buddy for looking after my dwelling for me. However, I was in for a surprise when I acquired my daily Heating plus A/C bill. It was way higher than usual! I did some calculations, to try plus figure out where this excess amount is coming from. I then tighted things down to when my buddy was cabin sitting. I decided to call plus ask them what this was all about. They obviously told me that yes, they used my air conditioning system every single day, for hours all day. They were completely reckless with my heating plus cooling machine. I was pretty angry at them, but my buddy offered to pay for the difference, plus so I foroffered him. Although next time, I will put a lock on my thermostat, unless she offers to pay again.
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