The unbelievable outdated HVAC stuff

I constantly remember the unbelievable outdated heating and air conditioner stuff that I grew up around.

Today heating and air conditioner has become so much more advanced I really do not like it as much to be honest.

Call it me being outdated maybe, but I would much rather have a window a/c for my cooling and a furnace or maybe even a warm water boiler for my boiler instead of having central heating and air conditioner. I find central heating and air conditioner to be so much of a hassle to handle. With all the stuff you have to do just to maintain a central heating and a/c not only does it cost a ton of currency in the long run, but it is just too much to remember to get done in the first site! Then if you forget what ends up happening is the central heating and a/c risks splitting down. I can not remember to get my central heating and a/c component tuned up and evaluated up 3 to 4 times per year. Then on top of that having to get the HVAC duct cleaned all the time is another headache and another few hundred bucks or so. With a furnace, warm water boiler and window air conditioner component you need not ever worry about that stuff. I wish all of this was the way it still was. But time moves on and several things change. And this goes triple for heating and air conditioner equipment!


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