My husband built a dollhouse with custom made furniture

My 9-year-old daughter Mia wanted a custom built princess themed dollhouse for her birthday.

I offered to purchase a dollhouse that we saw online, but she insisted on having a specific dollhouse with custom features.

My husband Jeff and I tried to talk her out of this idea, but to no avail. She had everything planned out for her dollhouse including custom tables as well as custom chairs. I blamed my husband for this because most of the furniture in Mia’s room was custom built. When she turned 7, he surprised her with a fairytale princess room that was laced with all kinds of custom made furniture. Luckily, my husband is a carpenter, and he has been building handmade furniture all his life. In fact, he custom built our entire bedroom set. And so many people liked the set that he built similar ones over the years. Anyway, Mia’s request for her custom dollhouse was set in motion. My husband built the entire thing inside his workshop. And the final product far exceeded what I was expecting. He made 2 custom chairs that had Mia’s initials etched into them, and the wooden door also had her name written on it. Aside from the custom made furniture, he also added a tower to the dollhouse that he believed would make her feel like a real princess. I have to be honest, this custom built princess themed dollhouse was so extravagant that I am scared of what Mia will request for her next birthday. And knowing Jeff, because he enjoys building custom made furniture so much, more than likely she will get whatever she asks for.


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