Honey bee rescue or extermination

I got a call the other afternoon from an older man who needed my help.

  • He was having issues with honey bees in his backyard and he wanted me to get rid of them.

I deduced from our conversation that he was advocating for bee extermination. But, I informed him that I could take them to a new location. Honey bees are vital to the environment, so bee extermination is seen as a last resort. Most bee removal services love rescue and relocation to a new home or a honey farm. The old man seemed skeptical, however he told me he just wanted them to leave his compound. The bees had set up a small hive next to his outdoor Heating and Air Conditioning unit that was in the backyard. He was afraid to go outside since he wasn’t fast enough to get back inside in case of an attack. I understood his worry since bees can be a bit unpredictable. While the majority are calm, especially honey bees, there’s regularly the risk of an attack. This is why it’s better to contact a honey bee removal corp to come and handle relocation. I’ve been in this corp for close to a decade and come across numerous hives and colonies. In my business, my pal and I offer honey bee removal, wasp rescue, and yellow jacket extermination. But calling a professional protects folks since we are trained in the best way to handle the insects separate from risking injury. Sometimes we opt for extermination, however often my pal and I go with removal and rescue. In the case of the old man, I chose to relocate the honey bees to a honey farm several miles away where it’s safe for them.


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