I didn’t feel the modular offices were that great.

Whenever I feel the new modular offices, I recall the offices my dad went into whenever he went to buy a car.

With six teens, Dad obtained a lot of outdated cars, but wherever he obtained them, the modular office buildings all seemed the same, plus my good friend and I had to sit plus be quiet, and until recently I thought modular offices were a thing of the past before moving to the city! There was always some kind of construction being done, plus the core of the company was the modular office.

Whoever was head of the construction, was in the modular office telling all the workers were they were working, plus making sure it was running well. The owner of the construction supplier has his own large modular office which in many cases, he shares with the architect. I learned this by seeing a television show. It’s interesting to watch the people working below when I am at the office twenty or thirty floors up. I looked down from my fourth floor apartment, plus although folks didn’t look as small, it was still a humbling experience. I couldn’t imagine being stuck in one of those smallish modular offices for ten or twelve hours a day. I get a little claustrophobic in my two room apartment, but all the construction workers look glad. I legit would be too, if I got to work in the fresh air all day, plus not be cooped up inside an office, then as much as I thought modular offices were just a thing of the past, I found out how wrong I was when I came to the city.


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