I needed to get working on a HVAC website

I had to be patient for years before I managed to have my dream come to true.

  • My partner worked hard to do all the tasks and save the money so I could be the owner of an HVAC business.

I didn’t want to count on anyone for their help. My partner had been taking care of all things that had to do with money, and I was tending to the business side of being an HVAC contractor owner. Since I had a background in the HVAC business, I had know-how about what I was doing. I had worked in my father’s HVAC company since I was old enough to reach the parts, and then as his bookkeeper. I had been an HVAC specialist for close to two decades. When I finally told my brother what I was doing, it was because I wanted him to lead my HVAC technical team. He agreed, then asked if I needed any help with the bank or research. I informed my brother I needed to get working on a website. I had the money secured, and a location was settled. I was now working on fine tuning the website, and I showed him the job I had done. My brother slammed the laptop shut and made me promise not to let it go live. He said he would not let me create the website. He knew a web developer, and he was sure she could come up with a professional website that would attract customers if I’d give her a chance. When I saw her preliminary website, I knew my brother was right and I should not be creating the website.

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