I should contact an online SEO corporation

I felt so awesome when I first set up the new HVAC company.

I was sure I was going to do so much business, but that wasn’t the case.

The only thing I didn’t know how to do was reach potential customers. A buddy told me I needed a website. I went online to create a website on one of those build-your-own website websites. When I came up with my website and went live, nothing changed. I could not figure out what was affecting my progress. I spoke with one of the people who worked for the website where I created my HVAC website. I wanted to know what I had done wrong. He told me I needed more SEO. Without SEO, no one was going to find my website. I wanted to know what SeO was and how I used it. He told me SEO was a bunch of keywords and phrases that worked as a beacon for the searchers. Once I used the right SEO, people doing searches for HVAC companies in their area would see my HVAC website come up in their search. My issue now was where I could find the keywords and phrases I needed. He asked if he could call me back. He had another person on the line. A little while later, I answered the phone. The young man was calling from his personal phone. He told me to cancel this website and contact an online SEO dealer. I should ask for an HVAC specialist and spend money on them to create a professional website that is guaranteed to get business for my HVAC company.