Portable shower containers at the campground.

My kid Max recently moved into a local campground for the summer.

Her household was being redone, plus Max wanted to have some place to stay that wasn’t a motel room or back at the old household with her parents.

I couldn’t blame her, since Max had been on her own for almost ten years now. When she got to the campground, Max called plus invited me down for supper. Max couldn’t wait to show me around plus let me know she had all the comforts of home. There was only one thing Max didn’t have in her camper, plus that was a comfortable shower. Max knew she could make do with the tiny shower, but she hated it. When I got to the campground, Max was all smiles. Max took me over to show me the small store they had onsite, plus then she showed me the amenities that were within twenty feet of her camper. There was a portable shower container that she truly adored. Max told me she could come back to the household from work at night plus go into the portable shower container, bothering no one. Most people had much greater campers than she had, plus they had full bathrooms. So far, Max was the only person in the campground who used the portable shower container, plus she was okay with that. Max told me she could live here all summer time plus most of fall as long as she had a portable shower container to herself. I wasn’t so sure she could do that, but she thinks she can. I knew Max was tired of the camper life, plus the portable shower container, when she called one night plus asked if I needed her company for the night.


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